Another Battle

Wakeup late, never morning

Getting motivated, depressed and boring

Nurses, doctors, waiting lists

This path way to recovery bends and twists

History of bad habits to ignore

The opportunity to heal she’s been waiting for

Its hard, it hurts, does she keep fighting on?

So tough, so much to rise upon

Sleeping is the truest rest

Waking hours of anxiety and stress

Forgiveness, love, hate and strife

The battle scars she will carry for the rest of life.







8 thoughts on “Another Battle

      1. So many people hijack the mental health system. Those of us who have been the victims of this system seem to always be paying in stigma for those with criminal and professional problems.

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      2. Different health system in Australia. Different sociopolitical system. Same issues all over the world though… throughout history. I guess people respond to events in life their own way. Horses for courses.


      3. I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. Mental health support is cut back everywhere in the world. Hopefully all we can do is keep fighting for the support we are entitled to. I hope you feel better soon x


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