I just spoke to a mental health nurse following a 7 day follow up since having a mental health crisis. I found myself by the end of the phone call feeling the same feeling I have done for years: like I was being ignored- and not getting any answers.

I understand that the system is stretched- there is lack of funding and lack of doctors. But still why should I have to fight for my basic rights to a doctor when I need help? Please don’t think I’m judging mental health workers- I myself am an axillary nurse and have worked in hospitals for years and have experienced the stress of working long shifts and being overloaded with patients that need me. But still- at least I would’ve expected someone to listen to me and my needs when they are working in the field that means they have to listen?

All I can advise to anyone is to take control of your mental health on your own. After years of waiting lists and doctors appointments being cancelled I finally took control and found my own therapist. I’m not going to lie to you, its expensive. But if you have the money or can apply for funding from the government- use it! It has meant that I cannot buy new clothes and I have to manage my bills weeks before they even come out but I have found that it is so worth it. Also use self help books, many GP’s are willing to advise you on what to read, do your research, and talk to your loved ones. And of course if you need mental health support FIGHT FOR IT. Do not get brushed under the rug and wait patiently for your next appointment in 3 months time. KICK AND SCREAM. I have had to phone my mental health team 3 times a day, everyday, all week, telling them no “I’m not ok” and keep on and on and on… I guarantee you they will listen to you.

There is help there- and you deserve it! Take control of your own fate and its ok to ask for help. You just have to fight for the help sometimes. Which is so wrong. But I always found that the ones who state their needs and wont be going quietly are the ones that will be listened to.


10 thoughts on “Ignorance

  1. Mental health (illness) always sits on the back burner when funding is brought up or when funds are divided from grants, allowances etc. I’m even leery of donating to the big mental health charities, because as far as my research as shown me, 3/4 of the money is spent on CEOs and administration. So what’s left for us? Therapy is too expensive unless you go through the hospital, and even then if you struggle with PTSD a measly 8 sessions aren’t really going to take care of the problem. Getting a psychiatrist is like pulling teeth especially after a crisis, and nd who can afford one in private practice unless you have insurance. You do have to be your own advocate and you shouldn’t have to be. Great post.


    1. Hi Cherised79 welcome to my blog. I completely understand your experience with mental health- there really isn’t any money or support out there. I really admire you standing on your own and trying your best take control of your mental health. Do you have PTSD if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t know how things are in your country- is it the US? But things are pretty tough here in the U.K. too. Thanks for your comment Amy

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  2. I live in Canada, and although our healthcare is good, we still have to fight for money to assist with mental health issues. I’m lucky that I have a psychiatrist through the hospital which is covered, and my insurance company covers my therapy. I do have PTSD (child sexual and emotional abuse). My mother is a narcissist causing me years of emotional grief, and have been in therapy for years trying to muddle through the impact of the abuse. I started my blog in 2007, as an advocate for mental illness stigma, as the PTSD and therapy were the catalysts in my journey through major depression and too many hospitalizations.

    Nice to meet and connect with you, I’m always interested in anyone identifying with the struggles of mental illness. Stay strong, Deb


  3. Wow! It just goes to show you that countries all over the world are having this problem. Surely they should invest in the health of the mind the same as the body?

    I am very sorry to hear what you are going through and I hope you find strength through out your recovery. Mental health is very stigmatised and I also have the aim of trying to raise awareness. How nice it is to know that I have a fellow blogger who wants to achieve this too!

    Wishing you all the Best Debbie


  4. I have also found that finding my own therapist was the best choice for me – finding someone who clicks with me was more important in the end. And yes I can’t afford a car or go out to eat always with my friends, but to have found the right person is priceless.

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  5. After I had awoken from my previous coma due to a suicide attempt. I received no help mental health wise! No follow ups or anything. A couple of weeks later, I ended back up in hospital after a massive breakdown & was ordered to be sent back in the community.. I ran away from hospital whilst still under their care, had police searching for me.. and was found on the train tracks. No help. None– at all. Still to this day, nobody has even made an appointment with me 😦 as where I go for counselling, apparently don’t have enough staff at the moment.


    1. Thank you for your comment Ohanais. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through and the lack of support for you. It really is disgusting how they have treated you. What of the world are you in?


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