I just spoke to a mental health nurse following a 7 day follow up since having a mental health crisis. I found myself by the end of the phone call feeling the same feeling I have done for years: like I was being ignored- and not getting any answers.

I understand that the system is stretched- there is lack of funding and lack of doctors. But still why should I have to fight for my basic rights to a doctor when I need help? Please don’t think I’m judging mental health workers- I myself am an axillary nurse and have worked in hospitals for years and have experienced the stress of working long shifts and being overloaded with patients that need me. But still- at least I would’ve expected someone to listen to me and my needs when they are working in the field that means they have to listen?

All I can advise to anyone is to take control of your mental health on your own. After years of waiting lists and doctors appointments being cancelled I finally took control and found my own therapist. I’m not going to lie to you, its expensive. But if you have the money or can apply for funding from the government- use it! It has meant that I cannot buy new clothes and I have to manage my bills weeks before they even come out but I have found that it is so worth it. Also use self help books, many GP’s are willing to advise you on what to read, do your research, and talk to your loved ones. And of course if you need mental health support FIGHT FOR IT. Do not get brushed under the rug and wait patiently for your next appointment in 3 months time. KICK AND SCREAM. I have had to phone my mental health team 3 times a day, everyday, all week, telling them no “I’m not ok” and keep on and on and on… I guarantee you they will listen to you.

There is help there- and you deserve it! Take control of your own fate and its ok to ask for help. You just have to fight for the help sometimes. Which is so wrong. But I always found that the ones who state their needs and wont be going quietly are the ones that will be listened to.